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Urban Court Slammer 5.4

Urban Court Slammer 5.4


The Super SAM 325 PRO is the premier choice for basketball competitions worldwide. It provides enhanced player safety with its 325 cm overhang, offering ample space for smooth deceleration and reducing the risk of injuries. The advanced Spring Assisted Mechanism (SAM) ensures quick and effortless setup, saving valuable time and effort for organizers.

Engineered for durability, this hoop withstands the demands of intense play, featuring a 'Dunk Proof' glass backboard and a Pro 180° Equal Force Dunk ring for consistent, high-quality performance.

The Super SAM 325 PRO Hoop also allows for media integration with the capability to incorporate cables into the top beam, enhancing the spectator experience. With the option to add red and yellow LED strips, it offers additional customization to suit any event.

Elevate your game and ensure top-tier performance with the Super SAM 325 PRO Hoop, designed and tested for the best athletes in the world.


  • FIBA Approval: FIBA Level 1 & 2 approved competition hoop
  • Durability: Engineered to withstand the demands of athletes at any level
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance; no hydraulic system or electricity required
  • Stability: Includes a floor anchoring set and floor hook for secure positioning
  • Extended overhang: 325 cm, meeting the regulations of all leading basketball competitions and providing an increased area for player safety
  • Media Integration: Possibility to integrate media cables in the top beam
  • Mobility: Can be moved by one person and positioned using the automatic DSF system
  • Backboard: Patented 'Dunk Proof' glass backboard with Pro 180° Equal Force Dunk rim
  • Padding: Available in both blue and black, with a unique diamond-shaped design for enhanced safety and aesthetics
  • Rim: FIBA Level 1 & 2 approved Pro 180° Equal Force Dunk ring, offering equal force flex in all directions
  • Net: Comes with a sturdy Anti-Whip basketball net for consistent gameplay
  • SAM System: Equipped with the Spring Assisted Mechanism (SAM) for effortless setup and use
  • Optional Accessories: Enhance your setup with optional red and yellow LED strips (3183039 and 3183060)
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