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Touch Screen Model

Touch Screen Model

The VersaClimber Touch Screen model is our state-of-the-art climbing device equipped with a WiFi / Bluetooth touchscreen that allows the user to record and save training sessions and save them on social media. TS also learns and records your max effort and displays your current climbing effort as a percentage of your max effort - perfect for zone training! The intuitive tablet console on the VersaClimber TS is perfect for people who want to record their progression over time.


  • Compatible with Hi-Tri.
  • Cross-crawl functionality - every move you make creates forces that are distributed throughout your body.
  • The height of the handles is adjustable, so that it can be used by taller or shorter people.
  • Mains powered.
  • The very strong steel construction makes this device able to withstand continuous use.
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth touchscreen.
  • Machine height: 7.8'
  • Polar and Bluetooth telemetry.
  • Comes with a Polar chest heart rate monitor.
  • Users can adjust the resistance to switch between cardio and strength training.

Console Features

  • Adjustable (sliding up and down) touchscreen.
  • WIFI + Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Record and save your workouts.
  • Share your workouts via social media.
  • Review previous workouts (see total number of sessions and distance traveled).
  • The display shows: stroke length / distance per minute / calories or watts / total distance / % maximum effort / heart rate.

Required floorspace: 4' x 4'
Required height: 7.8'
Weight: 154 lbs
Console dimensions: 9.06" x 5.1"

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